TMD/Orofacial Consultation and Examination

Your initial consultation with our staff and doctor begins with detailed information gathering.  We are aware that no one enjoys filling out detailed forms, but all of the information requested on our forms is not only relevant, but necessary to inform  us as to your unique background so we can better serve your needs.  There are many factors that contribute to and aggravate health and pain disorders.  The more we know,  the more accurate the diagnosis and effective the treatment.  Our comprehensive history includes your chief complaints, history of your present complaints, past medical and dental history, review of systems and psychosocial history.  After the history forms are completed by you and reviewed during the consultation, Dr. Cueva will ask you about additional details that are important to understand why you have the problem.

A comprehensive clinical examination of your teeth, mouth, throat, jaws, face, ears, nose, head and neck will follow the history interview.  Cranial nerve and oral cancer screenings will also be performed.  Additional diagnostic tests such as blood work up may ordered.  Diagnostic imaging such as x-rays or MRI may also be ordered.  In specific cases, previous medical/dental records may be requested and/or conferences held with your previous doctors and therapists.  After we have arrived at a diagnosis, it will be thoroughly explained in clear and understandable terms.  Contributing and aggravating factors will be identified and explained.  Written educational aids and illustrations describing your problem will be supplied whenever possible.

Treatment and Therapy

After the diagnosis is established, contributing factors identified and you become familiar with your disorder, all reasonable options of therapy and treatment will be explained.  Your options may range from receiving information about avoiding specific activities such as chewing gum or bagels, to alternative therapies such as herbal remedies, over the counter or prescription medication, exercises, behavior modification/biofeedback, counseling, stress management, diet counseling, physical therapy, oral appliances, bite adjustments, TMJ injections/arthrocentesis, and surgery.  We utilize a team approach at all levels and may ask you to see other specialists.  When you become a patient, we begin a partnership.  Successful treatment is not only dependent on what we offer and deliver, but on your habits, thoughts, actions and commitment.  We have a proven track record of success in treatment of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine over many years, because we care.


Consequences of no Treatment

Not reducing or controlling TMD/Orofacial pain signs and symptoms may allow progression of the disorder, with increasing pain, dysfunction and negative impact on your life.  Many severe TMD/Orofacial patients develop symptoms over many years, often starting with mild non-painful clicking of the jaws or tightness in the jaw/head/neck muscles.  Early treatment is usually less costly and more effective.


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